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How comfortable would you be if the Bush administration had done the same thing with Code Pink in an effort to get a anti-war activist to threaten a Senator who voted in favor of invading Iraq.

Glenn Beck rally on August The problem is, that is what he truly believes, and that should be enough for thinking people to absolutely tune this guy out and turn him out of office. Incidentally, if he is really so brilliant why can't he talk without a teleprompter.

There is so much dirty laundry being aired here that I simply had to make a list. Obama's rough month off the teleprompter.

The 5 biggest myths about Obama. If I have learned one thing from life, it is that race is the engine that drives the political Left. This B-list actress and Air America refugee has taken left-wing hate speech to a new level with her rhetorical blasts aimed at the Tea Party.

For a man who was elected president partly on his ability to give a great speech, Barack Obama has been at times a surprisingly poor communicator in office and on the campaign trail. A Year of Racial Challenges. The gulf between the priorities of civil rights leaders and the actual needs of the people they claim to represent has been growing for decades.

Obama is obviously afraid to answer any difficult question without a Teleprompter to show him the correct answer. NAACP will vote today on whether you are a racist. Though well disguised in intellectual rhetoric, underneath festers hate and fear.

Hardball by Chris Matthews / Notes (Summer 2015)

The most shocking thing about President Obama's political implosion from bright supernova to deadened black hole has been the complete undoing of his ability to speak.

Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder: They are motivated, the President thinks, by "a subterranean agenda. And certainly no respect for the rights of other Americans to disagree with them on the "goodness" of socialism.

A technical malfunction at a St. Schlafly invented the TelePrompTer and changed public address in America. A professor who teaches constitutional law courses at the City University of New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice penned a Christmas Day essay blaming "southern White radicals" for the disastrous, slow-motion train wreck failure that has been the rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

Believe it or not, he has done worse. The Dialogue between Science and Theology.

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At one point the pollen count seemed high, so he dabbed at his right eye as if to wipe away an imaginary tear. MailOnline has exclusively obtained audio of the ads.

For years I have heard many credible people, even those on the political right touting how smart and what a great orator Obama is. More about the Oklahoma City bombing. Now we are seeing a rerun. Many may recall that Holland intended to hire Lane when he was first elected but it caused such a "stink" that he was unable to do it then.

We are rapidly approaching the moment at which Washington reevaluates the Obama campaign's reputation for competence and expertise. Today, the teleprompter broke the moratorium and got back in the news cycle. Ned went to court and broke the trust, but, under his management, the newspaper slumped toward ruin.

In the coming days, millions of Americans, fed-up with political hubris, sink-hole spending and the imposition of "values" coerced into law, will exercise their right to peaceably assemble.

No respect for the sacrifices of those gone before them in battle to secure their liberties. The specific reference was to Israeli Prime Mininster Benjamin Netanyahu's five-word admonishment to those who believe that some accommodation can be reached with Islamic terrorists: Foundation for Thought and Ethics: The fact that Joan Walsh had the gall to get up and say that she researched something or someone else researched it and she's just parroting it without taking a gander into the facts is humorous enough.

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Stephen C. Meyer is director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (CSC) and a founder both of the intelligent design movement and of the CSC, intelligent design’s primary intellectual and scientific headquarters.

Dr. Meyer is a Cambridge University-trained philosopher of science, the author of peer-reviewed publications in technical, scientific, philosophical and. In the book Hardball by Christopher Matthews, he pointed it out multiple times that "to get ahead in life, you can learn a great deal from those who get ahead for a living." By getting ahead in politics, you are just playing the game.

The Washington Post is a major American daily newspaper founded on December 6, It is the largest newspaper published in Washington, D.C., the capital city of the United States, and has a particular emphasis on national slogan "Democracy Dies in Darkness" appears on its broadsheet editions are printed for the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

The paper had the student analyze the book Hardball by Chris Matthews in comparison to The Prince by Machiavelli. The paper covers the simiiarities, the current state of amerian political culture as reflected by hardball, and an application to a.

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